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Replace the electrical panel

When is it necessary to replace the electrical panel in Croydon?

Older service electrical panels can present a number of problems to a homeowner. Depending on the age of the service panel, a professional electrician may need it replaced. This is especially true for panels that use fuses rather than circuit breakers and panels that have caused problems in the electrical system. An experienced electrician can inspect your panel to determine its current condition and advise you when you need to replace it.

Here are three occasions when you may need to replace your home’s main electrical panel.

1. When an update of the electrical service is necessary

Replace the electrical panelMany older homes do not have adequate electrical service to run many modern appliances. Without the right service, you could run into electrical problems when running a high-powered device. You may even damage them due to power surges and fluctuations. When updating the electrical panel, it may be useful to update the panel as well. This allows the main components of the home electrical system to be brought into the modern era, even with your new appliances.

2. When updating circuit breaker wiring

When updating an old wiring, ask the electrician to replace the main electrical panel. If your panel is original to your home and connects to old wires, it’s definitely time for an update. A new panel can give you the additional circuitry you need at the power levels required by today’s electrical accessories. This allows safer operation and a constant supply of energy for efficiency and long life of the appliance.

3. When switching to switches

When older service panels blow due to circuit overloads, technicians need to replace them, as they use fuses. The circuit breakers are designed to stop the flow of electricity through a short circuit in the event of an overload, and can be reconnected after the intervention. Electrical panels are safer and more efficient than traditional fuses. If the current electrical service panel uses fuses, consider switching to a circuit breaker panel.

It is always a good idea to have your home’s electrical system or certification of electrical systems, including your electrical panel, periodically checked by a professional electrician. Call Croydon 24H Electrician Emergency Response at 02080897614.

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